Espaguetis en un panecillo de perro caliente
Espaguetis en un panecillo de perro caliente

Espaguetis en un panecillo de perro caliente

Tener el valor de ser quien eres

By Maria Dismondy, Illustrated by Kim Shaw



32 Pages, 9 x 9

Formats: Paperback

Paperback, $9.95 (US $9.95) (CA $12.95)

Publication Date: April 2018

ISBN 9780997608519

Price: $9.95


How can Ralph be so mean? Lucy is one of a kind and Ralph loves to point that out. Lucy's defining moment comes when Ralph truly needs help. Because she knows what she stands for, Lucy has the courage to make a good choice. This charming story empowers children to always do the right thing and be proud of themselves, even when they are faced with someone as challenging as Ralph. ¿Cómo puede ser Ralph tan cruel? Lucy es especial, y Ralph no pierde ocasión de hacerlo notar. La oportunidad de Lucy se presenta cuando Ralph se encuentra en un apuro y necesita ayuda. Lucy sabe bien qué debe hacer, y tiene el valor de tomar la decisión correcta. Esta encantadora historia refuerza en los niños la importancia de hacer siempre lo que es correcto y de sentirse orgullosos de ellos mismos, incluso cuando se enfrentan a alguien tan bravucón como Ralph.


"Written by teachers - who clearly understand playground dynamics - the message here is that you're not alone."—Real Simple Magazine, on the English-language edition

Author Biography

 Maria Dismondy is an Award-winning author who inspires lives through her poignant stories about topics challenging today's modern child.  Maria's background in early education and commitment to teach the importance of charcter building enables her to touch live the world over while touring as a public speaker in  Schools community forums, and national conferences.  Maria lives in southeast Michigan with her husband and three book-loving children. Teresa Mlawer is a well-respected translator and has translated several of the Dr. Seuss books as well as countless others. Kim Shaw is an illustrator and art educator.